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Being a late happy birthday

At fifty plus eight on April 24, 2012. A “lifer”, Mumia Abu Jamal continues resisting a system determined to liquidate him, his humanity, his story, our history. If we (all who admire him) were to resist like him, the world would be pulsating in synchrony with humanity, not for its liquidation.

At 58
Too many years
Face to face
Staring death made visible inescapable
So far a conscience stronger
Has kept death away
A shining diamond conscience
Keeps shaming
An opaque, fraudulent, corrupt
Justice system that has accommodated
To injustice, to the tune dictated by wealth
Accumulated through land grabbing, slavery

A justice system craving for killing
One innocent person following his conscience
Standing up for
Hundreds of thousands craving for living life

Craving for living life as an art
Not martial, life as a pulse, a wave
Toward justice
Fidelity to humanity

Resisting for so many years of
Assaults aimed at getting rid
Of him for years that feel
Like an eternity

How could he be only 58?

Mumia larger than life
Older and younger
Could be a multiple of 58
Been around it seems headed
For infinity
Seems to have faced death forever
Still defeating injustices with
A conscience his only weapon

Living as an art
Mumia has given
Life, time, living, timing
Unfathomable dimensions way beyond
The shackles of an unjust system born out
Of a predatory will to liquidate
Humanity and its history

Living life as an art
To keep being born free
Could it be that he is free and we
Outside his prison walls, have been jailed?

How has he done this?
Mumia the trickster, more feared now
Because those who vowed to fry the nigger
Are still making vows that keep failing

Yes, Mumia teaching freedom from death row
Free inside in a way those outside
Are still trying to figure out
How to be

Is this fiction?
Some might have concluded
Mumia is such a rare gem he might be from another world
The jailers have been defeated
An unknown quantum physicist has suggested that
Mumia in living life as an art
To defeat injustices
has grown
A particle unknown
The ultimate particle that cannot be split
Cannot be smashed in the most powerful
Cyclotrons [linear accelerators] known to science

Another unknown person
Has suggested that the body of Mumia
Is the ultimate cyclotron
producing the rarest of particle
The Mumion (or Mumon)

the Mumion sits in all members of humanity
it keeps calling for fidelity
to truth,
to justice
fidelity to MÂÂT

Thank you Mumia for your art
Thank you for being who you keep growing to be
Thank you for building another world
Thank you for your generosity
Thank you for your humility and simplicity

Thank you for showing us that we could do better with our own conscience

Do take care, jd

Remembering Ota Benga and his spirit

Remembering Ota Benga and his spirit
Started during the Copenhagen meeting
Spurred on by the earthquake in Haiti
From December 2009 through January 2010 to July 31st
It is never too late to re-member

Where are you when we most needed you?
Had you been in Copenhagen?
You might have been able to remind those present that there once had been there, in Copenhagen, one of those forests like the one in which you were born.

You would have told them how great it felt growing in the forest living
in harmony with nature that despite all the bad talking
about romanticizing the past golden ages,
you were not a fan of a return to the Stone Age.

You might have been able to point out to the Copenhagen gang
Determined to silence humanity’s last breath
Stone Age is the destination of their gangsterism
Introduced by what they branded the Nuclear Age
A modernized way of enslaving humanity
Under the guise of modernity
Moving toward insanity

Knowing you and your allied spirits
I am sure you tried to invade their dreams
Make them see, hear, feel the daily nightmare
Leading humanity to its agonal breath
Make them remember the beauty of oxygen
A substance the gang thinks will
No longer be necessary in a world
Where death will be called life

Thinking of you is also about thinking of those who have been swallowed by a system which thrives on erasing humanity and its memory. Remember those Inuit you were sitting next to in Saint Louis in 1904? Well, their forest is the snow and ice of the Arctic Circle. It is melting so fast that the polar bears have lost their bearings and are dying fast. Yes, in those months were you felt too cold, for them it was quite warm, but you both had to suffer because the event was about demonstrating the superiority of the ones who sent for you, the same ones who tried to re-instate slavery in Santo Domingo, the same ones who were celebrating 100 years of the Louisiana Purchase.

Remembering you is to remember all of those who have tried as hard as they could to make the believers and fundamentalists of western superiority that they are not better or worse than any other member of humanity. For trying so hard, many of them have been punished in all kinds of ways: say, like Mumia Abu Jamal, one of your admirers.

Mumia Abu Jamal

There are lots of Abu Jamal, but there is only one Mumia Abu Jamal. They have been jailed because they could not keep quiet about what was wrong in how Europeans kept terrorizing blacks and native Americans into “staying in their place”. Like many others whose names we do not even remember because their particular cause has been painted with taboo colors, they asserted a truth too loudly, too unflinchingly. A truth so simple that most children of the terrorizing white-race-superiority-fundamentalists would understand it and repeat it to their frowning parents. So simple is the truth that left on their own these children played without any problems with their black friends and their native American friends, and love to hear each other stories.

Now and then one hears about “American Values”. But the problems with MAJ is that his spelling of these values is precisely about the unity of humanity and not the superiority of one group or the other. Long before it became a political fashion, they were calling for a multi polar world. If serious that could have been a good way to remember that polar bears are part of humanity, rush to their rescue, and not just wring fingers and lament about their fate.

What MAJ did was trespassing over the invisible line which says that certain truths can only be articulated by those with financial and political power, and/or approved by them. The line is guarded by a police force that does not even have to be visible. Centuries of predation without limit have led its high priests to make predators of those who were not made to become so. No wonder it is easier to submit, lie down than stand up and be eaten up.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Pierre-Antoine Lovinsky

Like Makandal, most people seem to have forgotten who was Pierre-Antoine. Makandal fought in Santo Domingo in the 1750s. He was renown for killing (through poison) the slave and plantation owners. In particular those, one may surmise, who violated one of the articles of the Black Code prohibiting the torture of slaves. Eventually, he was caught and killed with the kind of vengeance one has learned to expect from those whose truths are contradicted by the simple affirmation of the dignity of humanity. He was tortured to death. Something that was specifically forbidden by article 42 of Le Code Noir.

A Royal Ordinance of October 1786 stipulated that the masters who would mutilate their slaves to the point of death would be punish with death. Yet in March 1788, one so-called Lejeune famously known for his cruelty, decided to put to death slaves who were accused of having poisoned other slaves. With the help of a surgeon by the name of Magre he put 4 of them to death by burning with pine tree torches the feet, then the legs and finally the thighs. Then he seized upon two women and began to torture them. A group of slaves denounced him, but nothing was done to him despite article 42.

Pierre-Antoine Lovinsky’s problem was to keep calling for the return of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide to Haiti. He kept at it until those who could not longer hear his calling, decided to silence him, kidnapped him and put him away. That was in August 2007. No one seems to know for sure whether he is alive or not. One would have thought that the International Red Cross might have been moved to request to see him, but those who did the kidnapping do not operate according to the rules of International Law, since they are convinced that they are a law on to themselves. To the ears of those who wanted Aristide out of their hair, Lovinsky’s relentlessness must have been felt like poison. Could it be that these silencers of Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine belong to the same species that would love to see humanity disappear forever, seeking quietness at all cost even if it means smothering the little baby crying for her mother’s breast. Armed to the teeth, this species will not let go. One day, though, it will be afraid of its own shadow. Will it then look for other Lovinskys, to calm its nerves?

We must never forget those they keep pressuring to forget. Never.

Never let go,
always, against all odds,
keep going so goes the lessons,
and they keep coming
from all corners of the Planet,
but often times history gets filtered
and/or refined to the point of losing
all its most crucial nutrients.
As goes with the food processing industry,
so goes with the industrialization of history.
The history gets so refined as to lose
all the ingredients which keep it alive.
So with humanity
means respecting every tiny
every baby

In Copenhagen, there was the possibility
of remembering all of those who fought wars meant to save humanity,
meant to make humanity one,
meant to heal from competitiveness,
starting with the violence against Mother Earth.
Therein seems to lie the difficulty,
it is not just about the violence against Mother Earth,
it is about violence against all the mothers, mothers to be,
from the most tender age.

Copenhagen brought members of humanity from all corners of the Planet, but the Planet does not have corners in which those without shame could hide and present their arrogance under the cloak of
Piety, humility.

Copenhagen sounds like a bad dream.
Could it be that the battle was not won precisely
because humanity
has been so fragmented by all kinds of weaponry
that it has the greatest of difficulty
re-membering its dis-membered parts.

Recovering from learning to split the atom
Looks more and more
Like an impossibility
Because from Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Survivors never included
the pulverized or their ashes
just an occasional imprint on a wall
the remaining shadow left
by the power of a thousand suns.

Let Re-membering the dis-membered
Become the mantra never to be forgotten.

J.Depelchin 5-Jan-2010 revised 31-Jul-2010