About the D.R. Congo

Straddling the equator in Central Africa, surrounded by nine countries, is the Democratic Republic of Congo. More than 3.5 million people have died, directly or indirectly, during the war that began in 1998 (the eleventh war since independence on June 30, 1960).

Achieving a sustained peace is the strongest wish of the DRC’s 53 million plus citizens who have survived only by their persistent ingenuity. A lasting peace in a responsibly-governed D.R. Congo, managed for the benefit of all its people, is crucial for the future of the country.

  • Capital City: Kinshasa
  • Area: 2,435,409 square miles
  • Population: 53.5 million
  • GDP: US$5.44 billion
  • Per capita: US$43 [2003 UNDP estimate]
  • Literacy: 66%
  • Resources: Gold, diamonds, coltan, tin, copper,
    cobalt, coffee, palm oil, cotton, wildlife, tropical hardwoods,
    hydroelectric power, oil, silver and zinc

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For Peace, Dignity and Healing